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Being a Pisces born on March 10th, your personality is defined by sensitivity, intuition and a self-sacrificing nature.​ March 10 Birthday Element - Water.​ March 10 Ruling Planet - Neptune.
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They can take care of themselves and will never let anyone get the better of them. People born on this date have a hard time knowing who their friends are. They have a highly charged aura that draws people to bask in its glow. While flattered by the attention, they have suspicions regarding it. Their romances are similarly affected. They need to believe a lover finds them desirable for who they really are. March 10 natives have a sunny attitude toward their past.

Because they are basically philosophical, they choose to see the positive side of things. As parents, they are broad-minded and allow their children the chance to fail as well as succeed. March 10 people are near-fanatics about health and fitness. They enjoy playing sports -- a concession to their competitive personality. Although they go through periods when they are avid calorie -counters, for the most part they believe in allowing themselves to eat whatever they please.

March 10 individuals have respect for learning and reverence for wisdom. They have a strong belief in the transfer of knowledge and make caring teachers and mentors. Generally, the natives of March 10th put before anything their personal considerations. Also, because they are so well developed emotionally, it is possible for them to neglect the development of will and strength of mind.

March 10th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Therefore, they may have a slower development or even may stagnate or lack a strong desire or ability to improve circumstances. For those less talented or less gifted, exaggerated passivity and tolerance can be a drag. Focusing more on the inside than on the outside, people born on March 10th are directed to a system devoid of materialism and ideal values. However, they feel the need for safety and comfort, needs that are becoming increasingly apparent as time passes. The danger lying in this case is that they will stagnate and will not be able to continue personal evolution.

It is true that exploring the inner emotional world theirs and others worsens their sensitivity, but should not become a way to get rid of externalizing own personality or avoid crucial decisions. To be born on the tenth of March it means there is going to be a change of residence within the next three years. This season is great as it is likely you will gain something from someone.

This year your star sign places reality in front of you. It is time that you grew up, get real and accept responsibility.

Love Compatibility

Rewards do come, but require your patience and ability to accept delay. You are known to be ruled by day number ten, if you are born on the 10th of the month. The numerology reading means that if you are born on the 10th, you are ruled by the Sun. The traits that you demonstrate include being influential, commanding and controlling. This is all positive as they enhance your character.

You are an honest, outspoken and bold person. To be born on the 10th of the months it means you are straight forward, hard working, diligent and normally successful in your field. You are proud and confident, and you love to live life with dignity. You are hard working and never like to follow others. You have the ability to shine in politics, medicine, teaching, astrology and field of fine arts. You normally have sufficient money, though you do not like to work for it. You dislike being involved in treachery, cheating or deceit.

Your downfall is that sometimes you become proud and arrogant, thus annoying people around you and generating enemies.

Pisces The Fishes

You overemphasize your achievements, and you can face failures. Because if you do this you may lose your position, thus diminishing your confidence and eventually you may end up following others. Health-wise you may have problems with poor vision, hypertension and heart disease.

Characteristics and Personality

The advice is that you should listen to others sometimes. To win in life you need to show qualities such as being honest, being sincere and straight forward. The good news is that success comes to you easily, but you may fall in the trap of being boastful. For people born on March 10th, the lucky days are the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th.

Decisions and actions taken on these dates will bring success.

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They are the perfect days to start a new business, start building a house, relocate to a new job or house, buy a vehicle, property or jewellery, etc. The unlucky days of the month are the 8th, 17th and the 26th. There is more chance of failure on these days. Action may lead to waste of money, efforts, and you may lose your reputation. Ruby is your most suited gem.

You can also wear a yellow sapphire and topaz. These improve your luck, health and will give success. These gems also promote the healthy growth of your young sons and daughters.

Normally these are worn on the right hand ring finger. March is ruled by Neptune 1sth and Mars 21stst. Being a child of Neptune it means that you live in a dream world and do not show your real face to the world, and this is mostly because your inner world is rich enough to keep you busy. Being a child of Mars it means you are content and sure of yourself. While other people may depend on others while going through hard times, this is not your case, because you are independent.

11 Mind Blowing Characteristics Of People Born In March

Other people prefer to rely on you too, and this is something you want and like. You hate letting someone down. March is the month of Pisces and Aries. If you are born in the first half of the month and you are governed by Pisces, hence by Neptune, you are a very original and eccentric person.

You are curious and interested in the future. This feature makes you prone to embrace the field of technology and science. Those born under the influence of Neptune are born teachers or philosophers; they are perfectionists and have an excellent intuition. They are talented artists and like to get into holistic activities, such as medicine or even construction.

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  5. It is important that they value education and pursue it in order to be able to use their full potential. These individuals are sensitive and creative.